New Poetry Booklet by Wyvern Poets and Guests published

The third annual booklet of verses by Wyvern Poets and guests in response to the theme of this year’s Being Human national festival of the Humanities – ‘New Worlds’ – is now available. Our original intention was to treat the idea of the Moon as the ultimate blank page for the human imagination throughout history. As previously, we hoped to localise this cosmic theme by finding a creative springboard into it: the extraordinary but forgotten connection between nineteenth-century Dundee astronomer, the Rev. Thomas Dick, and the notorious 1835 Moon Hoax in the New York Sun newspaper – perhaps the biggest ‘fake news’ story of the age. However, overtaken by the unforeseeable, we now find ourselves living through a global pandemic and wondering about the shape of the new world awaiting us on the other side of it. Paper Moons is a collection of efforts to imagine what that world and its priorities might be. We hope that you find some comfort in these poems and maybe even some further inspiration yourself.