PhD Researcher Success – James Joyce and the Arts

Congratulations to Mr. Adam James Cuthbert (PhD English), whose work has been published in the 29th volume of European Joyce Studies: ‘James Joyce and the Arts’ (May 2020). This special volume collects essays from the 2018 International James Joyce Symposium. Mr. Cuthbert received a scholarship from the International James Joyce Foundation to attend this Symposium. His essay, ‘On the Stream of Consciousness and ‘Camera-Eye’ in the Works of James Joyce and Thomas Wolfe’, explores the creative impact of Joyce’s novels on Wolfe. Specifically, it addresses similarities in their cinematic representations of the stream of consciousness, as both writers demonstrate practice of the ‘camera-eye’ as an intermedial technique that mediates the stream of consciousness as a temporal series of moving images.
A link to the essay is available here
Mr. Cuthbert is currently completing his doctoral thesis, ‘James Joyce, 19th Century Intermediality, and the Spectacle of Memory’, under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Cook and Dr. Keith Williams. His thesis examines the ways in which William Wordsworth and Charles Dickens prefigured and influenced Joyce’s cinematic representations of the stream of consciousness through prototypes of the camera-eye in their works.