Congratulations – PhD Success for practice-based student, Chris Gerrard

Practice-based PhD student, Chris Gerrard, has just passed the viva examination for his thesis with minor corrections. Chris’s Scottish Graduate School in Arts and Humanities-funded project focused on ‘The Multi-Image: The History and Possibilities of Visual Collage in Cinema’. For the past three years, Chris has explored the ‘multi-image’, a term he coined to designate a general category covering many filmic techniques, including split-screen and superimposition. He wrote a 60,000 thesis on the origins and possible uses of the technique, as well as a substantial body of practice- based work that can be viewed here

Chris was supervised by Brian Hoyle and Keith Williams for Humanities and Pernille Spence for DJCAD. He has also created several specially commissioned films for Dundee’s annual Being Human festival programmes. His work aimed to show that such visual experimentation in cinema can open new thematic possibilities and he has clearly succeeded in this objective, in both theory and practice, so congratulations to Dr Gerrard from us all!