30 October, 3.30-5.30pm, Dalhousie 1S10 (Music 1): Andy Smith, ‘The Action’

Andy Smith’s new play ‘The Action’ is an invitation to groups of non-actors to work together on a performed reading. Based on the thinking behind Brecht’s Lehrstücke, ‘The Action’ is not designed to give a lesson to an audience, but rather to engage the performers in a shared exploration of a problem. The format is that there is a script, the first part to be read by a host, a second part to be read together as a group, and then a discussion of the ideas the piece raises.

Andy Smith is a leading UK theatre-maker, best known for his award-winning work with Tim Crouch timcrouchtheatre.co.uk Smith’s play SUMMIT was performed as part of the 2019 Edinburgh International Festival.

No acting skill is necessary beyond being able to read aloud. Numbers are limited but flexible, and a repeat performance can be arranged if there’s sufficient enthusiasm.

If you’re interested in participating, please contact Professor Mark Robson