New Articles by Film and Medieval Studies PhD student

Ewan Wilson, an AHRC-funded PhD researcher at Dundee, has just published ‘“Diagrams of Motion”: Stop-Motion Animation as a Form of Kinetic Sculpture in the Short Films of Jan Švankmajer and the Brothers Quay’, Animation, 13.2 (2018), 148–61:
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Jan Svankmajer and The Brothers Quay are filmmakers known for their distinctive stop-motion aesthetics. This article examines a selection of their respective short films against the practice of kinetic sculpture, a branch of kinetic art which makes use of the dimensions of time and motion as a painter would form and colour. It aims to unpick the complexities of the relationship between the inherently static medium of sculpture and the kinetic form of film, further complicated by the process of animation, in an assessment of the animators’ use of motion itself as a form of expression.

Ewan’s PhD is entitled ‘“A New Archaic Avant-Garde?” Tradition and Experimentation in the Neo-Mediaeval Cinema of John Boorman, Terry Gilliam, and Derek Jarman’, supervised by Drs Brian Hoyle and Jo George.

Ewan also has a forthcoming book chapter in the collection And Now For Something Completely Different: Critical Approaches to Monty Python, ed. by Kate Egan and Jeffrey Weinstock. The chapter is entitled ‘Figures Traced in Shite: The Scribe, The Illuminator, and Monty Python’s Holy Grail’. It examines the respective roles of Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam as co-directors of Holy Grail, which connects them with the traditions of the mediaeval scribe and illuminator.