The McManus 168 project – Eddie Small and Ann Prescott lead Creative Writing initiative

Dundee’s Albert Institute served two main purposes when it opened in 1867; firstly is was built to house the meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science and would subsequently provide a Free Library and space for exhibitions and talks, and secondly, as the world’s biggest memorial and tribute to Queen Victoria’s deceased husband, Albert.
The organising committee appealed to Dundee’s public for subscribers to finance the £20,000 needed, and 168 people or companies initially did so.

Things moved on; the opening of the Albert Hall in London (1871) meant Dundee’s tribute became the second biggest in the world; the number of subscribers eventually reached 261, and the Albert Institute is now known as McManus Galleries.

The McManus 168 project celebrates the 150th birthday of the structure by looking back at the 168 (261) subscribers and telling some of their stories. Eddie Small from English and retired scientist, Ann Prescott, are leading a group of 6 Creative Writing students – Heather Smith, Lynsey Stark, Paula Lyttle, Ian Fernie, Nicole Gemine and Hamzah Hussein – in this urban initiative where past Vice-Principal Chris Whatley, and University Archivist, Caroline Brown, are main players.