Notting Hill Editions essay prize short list featured on DURA!

Dundee University is delighted to have world exclusive access to the international Notting Hill Editions essay prize short list due to the role of Writing Practice and Study and its associated on-line arts magazine, DURA.
In advance of the prize’s announcement in two weeks’ time, Dr Gail Low has secured rights to publish excerpts from the short list which appear on DURA daily. Writing Practice and Study are foregrounding the art of essay writing in a range of exciting ways in their teaching and research, but this exclusive partnership with NHE highlights right now the extent of that influence outside the University and the prestige of the programme, both here and further afield. A recent essay on DURA by one of the world’s best practitioners in the field, Chris Arthur, who teaches essay writing on the programme, addressed the need for students to think about why they write and how if they are to teach themselves to think and not just repeat ideas already established. “Our view of the essay is that it’s an exciting creative force field as well as a critical tool” says Dr Low, who urges readers to go on line and comment on the essays published on DURA. “By letting it be both we can really open up our thinking” she says.
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